Generative Programming and Component Engineering

Matthias Felleisen is a Trustee Professor of Computer Science at Northeastern University, Boston, and the founder of PLT, a distributed research group. His research covers all aspects of programming languages and the systematic design of programs. One major theme concerns the connection between untyped languages and type systems, another one the development of languages for creating domain-specific languages. Felleisen works with his colleagues in PLT to make these goals concrete with the design and implementation of Racket.

Invited talk: Multilingual Component Programming in Racket

Gary Shubert is currently a Senior Software Manager for Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company and leads systems and software model based engineering process development and demonstration activities for the Military Support Program - System Evolution Test Bed and for the Space Vehicle Integration Laboratory. Gary joined Lockheed Martin in 1989 and has served in roles as an embedded flight software developer, flight software architect, and flight software manager, for launch vehicle, uncrewed and crewed spacecraft systems. Gary served as the software manager for the Orion proposal activities and as the flight software manager for the Orion development program. Gary has served as an avionics lead, software lead, and software architect, for the Space Based Radar, Reusable Space Transportation System, Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (Atlas V), and Space Common Data Link programs, and as a flight software engineer for the Titan IV and Advanced Interceptor Technologies programs. Gary has been a practitioner and a champion of model based software engineering and transformational automated code generation since 1989. He is the architect for three generations of Lockheed Martin developed automated code generators used on multiple production programs. Gary is an instructor for Lockheed Martinís Object Centric Modeling and Ada programming language courses. His background prior to Lockheed Martin includes being a flight software engineer in the Control Systems Advanced Development department of Northrop Aircraft, and an independent verification and validation engineer and ground software engineer for the Mission Software department of TRW Defense Systems. He holds a bachelorís degree in Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering from the University of Illinois, and a masterís degree in Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering from the University of Southern California.

Invited talk: Application of Model Based Development to Flexible Code Generation