Schedule for GPCE 2011

Generative Programming and Component Engineering

Registration: Salon Foyer (Hilton Executive Tower, downstairs)

Conference location: Salon Ballroom I and II (Hilton Executive Tower, downstairs)

Saturday, October 22

8.00 Breakfast (outside conference room)
8.30 Welcome (Ewen Denney)
8.45 Keynote by Matthias Felleisen: Multilingual Component Programming in Racket (Slides)? (chair: Ulrik Pagh Schultz)
9.45 Break
10.15 Session: Software product lines part 1, Software components (chairs: Jaakko Jaarvi, Eelco Visser)
11.55 Lunch
14.00 Session: Applications (chair: Bernd Fischer)
15.15 Break
15.45 Session: Software product lines, part 2 (chair: Jaakko Jaarvi)
16.35 Tech talk by Olivier Danvy: Pragmatics for Formal Semantics Hands-on talk, bring your laptop! (Slides)? (chair: Ulrik Pagh Schultz)
17.35 End of day

Sunday, October 23

8.00 Breakfast (outside conference room)
8.45 Keynote talk by Gary Shubert: Application of Model Based Development to Flexible Code Generation (Slides)? (chair: Ewen Denney)
9.45 Break
10.15 Session: Runtime (chair: Julia Lawall)
11.55 Lunch
14.00 Session: Programming (chair: Walter Binder)
15.15 Break
15.45 Session: Theory (chair: Don Batory)
16.35 Tech talk by John Launchbury: Theorem-based Circuit Derivation in Cryptol (Slides)? (chair: Ewen Denney)
17.35 PC chair report, closing remarks (Ulrik Pagh Schultz)
17.50 End of day
19.30 Social event at Rogue Public House