Generative Programming and Component Engineering
  • Jeroen Arnoldus, Mark Van Den Brand and Alexander Serebrenik: Less is More: Unparser-completeness of Metalanguages for Template Engines

  • Marko Rosenmueller, Norbert Siegmund, Mario Pukall and Sven Apel: Tailoring Dynamic Software Product Lines

  • Don Batory, Peter Höfner and Jongwook Kim: Feature Interactions, Products, and Composition

  • Vidar Slåtten, Frank Alexander Kraemer and Peter Herrmann: Towards Automatic Generation of Formal Specifications to Validate and Verify Reliable Distributed Systems - A Method Exemplified by an Industrial Case Study

  • Yulin Li and Gordon Novak: Generation of Geometric Programs Specified by Diagrams

  • Kenichi Asai: Reflection in Direct Style

  • Abdelhakim Hannousse, Rémi Douence and Gilles Ardourel: Static Analysis of Aspect Interaction and Composition in Component Models

  • Lais Neves, Leopoldo Teixeira, Demóstenes Sena, Vander Alves, Uirá Kulesza and Paulo Borba: Investigating the Safe Evolution of Software Product Lines

  • Ricky T. Lindeman, Lennart C. L. Kats and Eelco Visser: Declaratively Defining Domain-Specific Language Debuggers

  • Sander Vermolen, Guido Wachsmuth and Eelco Visser: Generating Database Migrations for Evolving Web Applications

  • Sebastian Erdweg, Lennart C. L. Kats, Tillmann Rendel, Christian Kästner, Klaus Ostermann and Eelco Visser: Growing a Language Environment with Editor Libraries

  • William R Otte, Aniruddha Gokhale, Douglas C. Schmidt and Johnny Willemsen: Infrastructure for Component-Based DDS Application Development

  • Márcio Ribeiro, Felipe Queiroz, Paulo Borba, Társis Tolêdo, Claus Brabrand and Sérgio Soares: On the Impact of Feature Dependencies when Maintaining Preprocessor-based Software Product Lines

  • John Freeman, Jaakko Jarvi, Wonseok Kim, Mat Marcus and Sean Parent: Helping Programmers Help Users

  • Nathaniel Nystrom, Derek White and Kishen Das: Firepile: run-time compilation for GPUs in Scala

  • Shahram Esmaeilsabzali, Bernd Fischer and Joanne Atlee: Monitoring Aspects for the Customization of Automatically Generated Code for Big-Step Models

  • Patrick Gaubatz, Stefan Sobernig, Mark Strembeck and Uwe Zdun: The Effects of Programming Interface Design on Development Effort: An Experiment on DSL Integration in the Domain of Federated Identity Management

  • Andreas Steck, Alex Lotz and Christian Schlegel: Model-Driven Engineering and Run-Time Model-Usage in Service Robotics