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See also the announcements about specific systems in SystemNews.

2007-01-08 program-transformation.org is back online after absence for a day, while the DNS server for the domain was changed. This is in preparation for a migration to a new server at Delft University of Technology, where the site will be hosted in the future. The site will also be converted to a new wiki implementation in WebDSL.

2005-05-09 The RSS feed of Program-Transformation.org has been fixed. It was broken after our most recent update. The feed is now valid RSS.

2005-05-08 To improve the visibility in the results of search engines, the title of all pages in now prefixed with Program Transformation Wiki instead of Transform.

2005-05-05 After months of running on a temporary server, we are now completely back at program-transformation.org!

2004-08-10 FrontEndART has announced SourceAudit, a C/C++ source code auditing tool.

2003-05-21 SystemNews has announcements with news about transformation systems.

2002-10-01 HolgerKienle has included extensive documentation on the RigiSystem to the ReengineeringWiki.


EelcoVisser reshaped the twiki and introduced caching in order to accellerate web page rendering.


JoostVisser has started the GenerativeProgrammingWiki at this site, covering various GenerativeProgramming topics and events.


I've restructured the ReengineeringWikiSiteMap to take full advantage of the category mechanism -- it's automatically generated, and provides an overview of all ReengineeringWiki pages -- ArieVanDeursen


ProgramTransformationOrg is an excellent medium for hosting the homepage of events such as workshops and conferences. The homepages of the SwarmForum and the Workshop On Rule Based Programming are already placed here. The advantage of a wiki based event page is that it can be used to spawn discussions about the research area of the event, reviews of papers, forward links to later work, etc. I have added a list of wiki-based events at the top of the TransformationConferences page. Feel free to add your own event. -- EelcoVisser


I have completed the migration to DeCompilation. Already, it's the most popular single topic at ProgramTransformationOrg, heading for 1000 views as I write (see WebStatistics). The old site averaged about 4500 hits per month over the last 3 years. The Wiki version is already more extensive and up to date than the original. I'm hopeful that people will soon repay the investment I've put into the migration, and make it a really popular and useful site. -- MikeVanEmmerik


MikeVanEmmerik has started the migration of the DeCompilation pages to ProgramTransformationOrg.


The ReengineeringWikiPaper has been accepted for CSMR, and will be presented there in March 2002.


The new TWiki version uses user authentication based on htacess. Migration to this new form requires all users to re-register such that they can enter a password. It is just a matter of filling in the TWikiRegistration form.


The TWiki has been upgraded to the version of September 2001, providing many powerful features; see TextFormattingRules.

The TWiki is now installed at the server of www.program-transformation.org thanks to HenkPenning. This means that individual pages can now be bookmarked.


The homepage of the WorkshopOnRuleBasedProgramming 2002 is hosted at http://www.program-transformation.org/rule02


Demonstration of the ReengineeringWiki at WCRE 2001. Several enthusiastic reactions -- support by the TcseCommitteeOnReverseAndReengineering pending!


Added a ReengineeringWikiSiteMap providing an overview of the key ReEngineering pages.


As the number of pages covering DomainEngineering topics is growing, I added DomainEngineering as an extra EntryPoint to the left content bar -- ArieVanDeursen.


Improved the TransformationTaxonomy and description of ProgramTransformation.

A banner and more information and pointers on the WebHome of the Transform web.


Switched from an unofficial wiki engine to the Twiki engine from http://www.twiki.org/


Tools.JJForester, a visitor generator for Java, now has its own EntryPoint in the XTWikiWiki?; see http://www.program-transformation.org/jjforester/


The header of each WikiWikiWeb page points to a list of all pages referring to that page. This can be used to form a categorization mechanism of wiki pages. By putting a link to Categoryx on a page in the x category, that page is shown in the list of pages for that category. CategoryCategory is the category of all categories.


ArieVanDeursen has started the ReengineeringWiki, a collection of wiki pages on ReverseEngineering and ReEngineering, as part of ProgramTransformationOrg. The collection has its own entry into the wiki: http://www.program-transformation.org/re/


Several of the top-level entries now have their own URL, so that it is possible to make bookmarks to specific pages. See for example http://www.program-transformation.org/transformation-systems.html


Networksolutions could finally be convinced to change the dns information for the program-transformation.org domain. The site should now be available from www.program-transformation.org.


The web site is now situated under http://www.program-transformation.org, which is kindly hosted by Universiteit Utrecht.


When I designed and implemented the StrategoLanguage in 1998, I wanted to get an overview of existing TransformationSystems. I started to make a survey of the field. Since there is so much stuff around, I never finished it. To make the information that I did collect available anyway, I am starting TheOnlineSurveyOfProgramTransformation. The domain program-transformation.org should serve as the home for this survey. By founding the site on WikiWikiWeb I hope that readers will keep the site up to date. -- EelcoVisser


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