Rigi RCL

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Rigi Command Library (RCL)

RCL is a Rigi-specific library written in Tcl/Tk. See RigiUserManual, Section 4.5.

  • The RCL code distributed with rigiedit is located in $RIGI/Rigi/rcl/.
  • Kenny Wong's Ph.D. Thesis "The Reverse Engineering Notebook" contains several RCL examples (e.g., sections 3.4.2, A.1, and B.1).

Index of RCL commands (incomplete):

A sample RCL script that is used to pre-process the RSF generated with cparse for Rigi has been written by JohannesMartin. The RCL script is generic and works for most C programs. He also used the script (with slight modifications) to look at web site structures.

Note that the preprocessing takes away detail and creates a specific structure in the graph. For example, all of the standard library is filtered out. You can use the script as a starting point and modify it to suit your own, specific needs.