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Transformation system for the Java programming language.

Object-oriented analysis and design methods are used more and more in practice. On the other hand, object-oriented implementation (or codification) methods receive much less attention. In spite of this, dealing with complex object oriented applications, we see the ever-growing need for a correct implementation method, in order to avoid compromising all investment done in project analysis and to have not only a productivity increase, but also right confidence levels, extensibility and reusability adequate for the market needs. This research project intends to define and validate a method for the implementations of complex object-oriented applications, so that these applications can be quickly implemented, tested and adapted. This work consists of the specification of this tool's transformation language, as well as the implementation of a prototype system capable of applying tranformations written in this language to programs written in a subset of the Java language. Presently, the project is divided into two teams working concurrently. One part consists of static analysis development, whose goal is to provide an infra-structure to the development of refactorings, witch are implemented by means of JaTS transformations. These static analysis are used during pre-conditions definition for refactorings effectuation. The other part of our work consists of expanding the JaTS system to perform transformations in aspect oriented programs implemented in AspectJ, extension of Java language currently maintained by Eclipse project (www.eclipse.org).

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