SDF2 Bundle


The sdf2-bundle is an easy to install collection of packages related to the SDF2 syntax definition formalism. The packages are developed at the CWI. The main packages of the sdf2-bundle are:

  • pgen - parser generator for SDF2
  • sglr - parser



The current release of the sdf2-bundle is

  • sdf2-bundle 2.2?

Older releases of the sdf2-bundle are still available

  • sdf2-bundle 2.1?
  • sdf2-bundle 2.0.1?
  • sdf2-bundle 1.6?


The latest sources of the sdf2-bundle (not the packages themself!) can be checked out using:

svn checkout

The bundling related code is maintained by Martin Bravenboer. The packages themselves are maintained by members of SEN1 group at the CWI in the Netherlands.