The Empty Module

Static analysis for PHP
The empty module is a top-level directory in the SVN-repository which contains everything you need to start your own project based on PHP-Front.

This page explains the contents of the directory and explains the purpose of several files. TheExampleProject explains how this directory can be used in order to set up a new project. Note that the following explanation is based on the structure of PHP-Front and PHP-Sat. There is also an explanation available for Stratego programs in general.

The directory has three top-level directories: branches,_tags_ and trunk. We will only discuss the contents of the trunk here because that is where the magic happens. You can find a good explanation of how to use the other directories here.

The directory contains the following directories (red) and files (blue):


This directory contains the configuration files after running the bootstrap file, needs to be in place because it must be created by the user itself.


Documentation directory. It is a good practice to document the tools / library that you made in your project in different sub-directories.


The actual sources of your project, there are three different kind of sources:





Contains all the tests of your project, please use this! Tests help you by thinking about the code you write, checking what you have done and making sure that you did not break anything.


The name explains it all I guess.



Use this file to keep track of the changes of your project, or just one line with upgraded project.


This file should contain all the latests news about your project.


The name of this file explains exactly what needs to be in this file. Think about what the people that will use your project need to know before they install/use your project.

-- EricBouwers - 01 Jan 2007