Generative Programming: Concepts and Experience

The GPCE Steering Committee


Bernd Fischer (UK) (2011-)
Jaakko Jarvi (US), (2010-)
Jeremy Siek (US) (2008-)
Julia Lawall (FR), (2008-)
Ulrik Pagh Schultz (DK), (2012-)
Eelco Visser (NL), Chair (2008-2012, ex-officio member 2012-)

Past Members

Charles Consel Chair (FR), (2007-2012)
Stanislaw Jarzabek (SG), (2005-2010)
Yannis Smaragdakis (US) (2003-2008)
Eugenio Moggi (IT), (2000-2008)
Krzysztof Czarnecki (CA), (2000-2008)
Ulrich Eisenecker (DE), (2000-2008)
Tim Sheard (US), (2000-2008)
Janos Sztipanovits (US), (2003-2005)
Greg Morrisett (US), (2000-2005)
Walid Taha (US), Founder, (2000-2007)
Frank Pfenning (US) (2003-2007)
Don Batory (US) (2000-2007)

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