Graph Description Language

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The Graph Description Language (GDL) of the VCG tool describes graphs that consist of subgraphs, nodes, and edges. The GDL syntax supports special kinds of edges (e.g., nearedge) that control the graph layout. Attributes are key-value pairs. Default attributes and redefinition of default attributes for edges and nodes are supported as well. Nodes are identified with an obligatory label attribute. Edges must have sourcename and targetname attributes that refer to the nodes' labels. GDL has a very rich set of predefined attributes. The core of GDL is compatible to GRL, the specification language of the Edge graph editor.

The following gives a code example that contains two nodes (called 'one' and 'two') that are connected with an edge. The edge is colored red.

  graph: {
    node: { title: "one" }
    node: { title: "two" }
    edge: { sourcename: "one" targetname: "two"
            color: "red" }

(Quoted from ExchangeFormatBibliography)


-- HolgerKienle