Companies Offering Decompilation Services

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The following companies offer decompilation services (from binary code or assembly code). The techniques used by these companies are usually proprietary, but often they are based on pattern matching (and therefore are often compiler specific).

  • MicroAPL Ltd offer assembly language decomilers and assembly to assembly tools.

  • DecompilerTechnologies (formerly VBRB, Visual Basic Right Back) offer Visual Basic, C/C++, and other decompilation services.

  • A2C Software Renovation (IBM 370 asm to Cobol) is a company run by Dr H. Meijer which provides translations of IBM S/370 assembly code to COBOL.

  • JuggerSoft, also known as SST Global and Source Recovery.

  • Essential Systems Technical Consulting IBM 360/370/380 Decompiler. This seems to be the marketing company for the SourceRecoveryCompany.

  • The decompyle service decompiles Python byte-code (in .pyc or .pyo files) into python source code.

  • Morris Consulting migrate Clipper applications to Windows, and also offer a Clipper decompilation service.

  • SST GLobal appear to be associated with the Source Recovery company (e.g. see their services page), and seem to have the same decompilers and services. They have several partners around the world.

  • MicroAPL Ltd. offer a variety of innovative porting tools and services.

  • M. J. Spring offers a DOS and QuickBasic decompilation service, or you can purchase a license for his decompiler. The web page states that he has decompiled C programs in extreme cases.

  • Source Recovery Service for UV. From the web page: The Source Recovery Service for UV produces 100% accurate, compilable UniVerse BASIC source code from UniVerse BASIC object code. UniVerse seems to be some proprietary basic compiler for Pick systems.

  • Eight Clerks offers binary analysis and patching services, possibly including decompilation. They illustrate their abilities by modifying some well known Microsoft applications. They suggest lost souce code and suspected patent and copyright violations as possible applications.

  • offered commercial web based decompiling for Clipper Summer '87, Clipper 5.x, and Visual Basic. They also offered manual decompilation services for certain products. Closed as of about January 2004.

  • The Source Retrieval company offered decompilation services for midrange IBM systems (S/36, AS/400) to recover RPG, COBOL, CLP, NOP and DDS code. As of Febuary 2003, they are out of business.

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