Cluster Analysis

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Finding groups in data by computing distances or similarities between elements. In ReverseEngineering, typically used for remodularization, ObjectIdentification, and ArchitectureExtraction.
Overviews are provided by:
  • V. Tzerpos and R. C. Holt. ACDC: An Algorithm for Comprehension-Driven Clustering. WCRE 2000, pp. 258--267. IEEE Computer Society.
  • A. Lakhotia. A unified framework for expressing software subsystem classification techniques. JournalOfSystemsAndSoftware (March 1997), 211231.
  • T. Wiggerts. Using clustering algorithms in LegacySystems remodularization. In 4th Working Conference on Reverse Engineering WCRE (1997), IEEE Computer Society, pp. 3343.

Tool support:
The maths of cluster analysis is described by L. Kaufman and P. J. Rousseeuw. Finding Groups in Data: An Introduction to ClusterAnalysis. John Wiley, 1990.

Very readable, highly recommended.

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