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abox2latex [-i box-term] [-o html-file] [-w width] [-t abbreviations_file] Description

The utility abox2latex produces LaTeX? code according to the formatting defined in box-term. See HowToUseGPPWithLaTeX for instructions about how to use the generated LaTeX? code in your LaTeX? documents.

With the `-w' switch the maximum line width can be specified. The default line width equals 80 columns.

With the '-t' switch latex abreviations can be specified. The abox2latex utility can replace ordinary BOX strings by LaTeX? commands. These mappings can be defined in abbreviation tables. For example, to specify that the string "\\//" should be replaved by abox2latex to the LaTeX? command \vee, the abbreviations table should look like:

[ "\\/" -> "\\ensuremath{\\vee}" ]

Multiple abbreviation tables can be passed to abox2latex.


-h : display usage information. Use this option to get information on additional options

-q : run quietly

-v : display version information

-t file : Table containing box to latex macro mappings

See also

GPP, AstToAbox?, AsFixToAbox, HowToPrettyPrintAGrammar, HowToUseGPPWithLaTeX

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