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Jimple-front defines the syntax of Jimple, the typed 3-address representation of Java bytecode of the Soot Java optimization framework. This representation is suitable for program optimization and analysis. You can use Jimple-front to parse Jimple. A pretty-printer for Jimple is under development.

You can browse the Jimple-front syntax definition for Jimple online.


The latest unstable release of Jimple-front is available at:

Install the package with the usual sequence of commands:

$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install

You might need to set your PKG_CONFIG_PATH if you did not install the dependencies in a standard location. Configure will tell you to do this if it cannot find aterm, sdf or strategoxt.

Project Info

Contact and Mailing List

Please send questions to the stratego@cs.uu.nl mailing list. Also, the Jimple-front developers are usually available on IRC at irc.freenode.net/stratego. Feel free to drop by!

Source Repository

The sources of Java-front are available from Subversion.




Jimple-front is licensed under the MIT license (see LICENSE in the distribution)

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