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2007 - 02 - 18

Added page to archive talks and papers

2007 - 02 - 18

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2007 - 01 - 27

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2006 - 08 - 24

PHP-Sat successful in Summer of Code

2006 - 05 - 23

PHP-Sat accepted as Summer of Code project

PHP-Sat is a Static Analysis Tool which can perform several static checks on PHP source code.

Each check is described by a bug-pattern which explains why the pattern is recognized and what one can do to fix it. There are checks for correctness, style and security. The security checks can be configured to adapt the tool to your own project(s).
A bug-pattern is not necessarily bad in all cases, although the security check(s) probably are, but we leave it to the programmer to make this decision.

PHP-Sat is based on PHP-Front, a library that provides support for generating, transforming or analyzing PHP code. It includes a handcrafted SDF grammar for PHP, Stratego signatures generated from this grammar and a handcrafted pretty printer.

The packages also provides support for automatic inclusion of files that are included or required. The names of the files that are included can optionally be resolved through constant propagation. PHP-Front also supports PHP-specific traversals and reflection over included files, functions and classes.

Check out the different sections to read about all the unique features of both projects.
If you are experiencing problems, have a suggestion/question or want to share the name of your cat, please do not hesitate to contact us.

-- EricBouwers - 24 Jan 2007