Download PHP-front

Static analysis for PHP

Stable Releases

There is no stable release of PHP-Front (yet). Check the road map for the current status of the 0.1 release.

Latest Developments

Distributions of the head revision are created continuously and are available from:


The latest distributions contain the latest of the latest developments, but if you really want to, the latest sources can be checked out using:

  svn checkout

Before you can configure the package using ./configure --enable-bootstrap you have to run the ./bootstrap script.

Installation Instructions


PHP-front requires a recent distribution of Stratego/XT. The exact version of Stratego/XT that is guaranteed to work is linked to from the PHP-front release page.

Linux, Mac OS X

In order to get the project running on your favorite OS you can use the standard set of installation commands:

$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install

You might need to set your PKG_CONFIG_PATH if you did not install the dependencies in a standard location. Configure will tell you to do this if it cannot find aterm, sdf or strategoxt.