Chris Russell


Welcome to Chris Russell's Wiki Profile on Many thanks to EelcoVisser and crew for for maintaining this great Wiki!

I am interested in software modeling, abtract service specification, and automated software service assembly / optimization / deployment tools, and visual programming metaphors. My efforts to create a generalized platform for designing domain-specific visual programming languages is detailed on the Hyperworx Project website on This work is done entirely in C++ using template meta-programming techniques and facilities provided by several excellent libraries from the C++ Boost project.

Recently, I updated the Hyperworx Project website to provide some basic background on the project's goals and some notes about my plans and release schedule. I would be pleased to hear comments from members of the community and would be interested in hearing from those of you working in C++ who may wish to become actively involved after the project's initial alpha release.

I live in Yarmouth, Maine USA where I work from my home office. I've spent the past several years working on Hyperworx full-time and trying to raise risk capital funding for my little company Encapsule Systems, Inc.. I have succeeded in building a lot of interesting software but failed to raise money unfortunately. I'm sure many of you can sympathize. Consequently, I'm scrambling to re-establish my former career as an independent consultant. Referrals are greatly appreciated.

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