Fresh ML

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FreshML is an extension of the programming language ML. The innovation of the language is the extension of algebraic data types with variable binding constructs. Bound variables are automatically renamed to prevent name clashes and variable capture.



  • FreshML: Programmming with Binders Made Simple
    • M. R. Shinwell, A.M. Pitts and M.J.Gabbay
    • ICFP 2003
    • download

  • The Fresh Approach: functional programming with names and binders.
    • M.R.Shinwell
    • PhD thesis, University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, December 2004.
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See also

Fresh O'Caml (FreshML)

  • Swapping the Atom: Programming with Binders in Fresh O'Caml.
    • M. R. Shinwell
    • Workshop on Mechanized Reasoning about Languages with Variable Binding, MERLIN'03
    • Uppsala, Sweden, August 2003.
    • download