Query Compiler

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The query-compiler package is a set of tools for the inspection of the process of query compilation. It shows how a SQL query is parsed, desugared, translated in relational algebra and optimized. The user interface is web-based, implemented using stratego-net and xml-tools. Of course the components of the query-compiler are also available as command-line utils.

The query-compiler is based on the sql-front and relational-algebra packages. sql-front is used to parse a SQL query to an abstract syntax for SQL. The relatonal-algebra packages implements the optimization of relational algebra and the renderering of relational algebra expressions in MathML?.

Download and installation

   svn checkout https://svn.strategoxt.org/repos/StrategoXT/trunk/experimental/query-compiler
The packages requires (configuration with): Configure the package --with-cgi-bin if you want to install the web-based user interface directly into your cgi-bin.

Online Demo

The query compiler is available online. The testsuite lists some example queries that can be compiled: