Gpce Tutorials And Workshops

Generative Programming and Component Engineering


* T1: Multi-stage Programming in MetaOCaml (Duration: Full Day)
Presenters: Walid Taha and Cristiano Calcagno

* T2: Implementing Domain-Specific Modelling Languages and Generators (Duration: Half Day)
Presenter: Risto Pohjonen

* T3: Challenges and Best Practices of Generative Software Engineering in the Context of Large Complex Business Applications (CANCELLED) ALERT!
Presenter: Mark M. Davydov


* W1: Seventh Young Researchers Workshop
Organizers: Douglas R. Dechow, Daniel Foetsch, Sebastian Kiebusch, Saverio Perugini, Matthew J. Rutherford and Denis Shestakov

* W2: Second MetaOCaml Workshop
Organizers: Kedar Swadi and Walid Taha

* W3: Graph and Model Transformations Workshop
Organizers: Gabor Karsai and Gabriele Taentzer

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