Attendance List

Working Group on Language Design

Attendance List for June 2011 Meeting

Please plan to attend for the whole meeting, which will mean arriving on 31st May and leaving on 4th June. The FCRC federated research conference, which includes PLDI, follows immediately afterwards, starting on 4th June.

Please confirm by checking below the days that you will be attending. There is an edit button at the bottom of the table; you may have to scroll to see it.

Name 1st June 2nd June 3rd June Notes down
Gilad Bracha  
Tom Van Cutsem  
Dan Ingalls x  
Jonathan Edwards  
Robby Findler x  
Matthew Flatt  
Crista Lopes        
Erik Meijer        
Jan-Willem Maessen  
Mark S. Miller  
Mads Torgersen  
David Ungar  
Eelco Visser  
Alessandro Warth  
John Field  
Dave Herman  
Annie Liu  
Don Syme x   x  
Magne Haveraaen allergies
William R. Cook no dairy
Kim Bruce no pork
Susan Eisenbach no pork
Andrew P. Black vegetarian
Erik Ernst vegetarian
James Noble wine

-- AndrewBlack - 24 Mar 2011