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Spoofax in 10 Days

Spoofax is a platform for developing textual domain-specific languages with full-featured Eclipse editor plugins.

With the Spoofax/IMP language workbench, you can write the grammar of your language using the high-level SDF grammar formalism. Based on this grammar, basic editor services such as syntax highlighting and code folding are automatically provided. Using high-level descriptor languages, these services can be customized. More sophisticated services such as error marking and content completion can be specified using rewrite rules in the Stratego language.

Spoofax Features

Edit and use your language in one Eclipse window side-by-side.png
Deploy your editor as a portable Eclipse plugin exporting.png
Specify custom errors, warnings, and notes error-marking.png
Support content completion content-completion.png
Support reference resolving reference-resolving.png
Use concise rewrite rules for code generation
Generate code directly from any editor or selection
Apply refactoring transformations on the source code
Get a live abstract syntax view

(more features)

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