Resolved Issues for StrategoXT 0.11


  • [STR-7] - pack-sdf fails with the message ** ERROR: Module Java.sdf not found if sglr does not exist
  • [STR-52] - Illegal C code for mutual recursive strategies defined in a let
  • [STR-84] - make check fails on Mac OS X
  • [STR-86] - mkstemp modifies constructor name of an aterm.
  • [STR-91] - Top-level configure does not accept separate configure option for pt-support
  • [STR-106] - No PP table for pgen2.1 SDF
  • [STR-107] - Full-compilation from the command-line doesn't work at MacOS? X
  • [STR-108] - MacOS? X: strc fails for non trivial Stratego programs
  • [STR-112] - standalone strc: -CL arguments are not passed to ld with -L prefix
  • [STR-113] - sdf2-bundle 2.1 fails to build when CFLAGS are set in the environment
  • [STR-114] - Dynrule scope in dynrule scope: compilation fail
  • [STR-115] - dr-label-scope assumes RuleScope?. No label support in changesets
  • [STR-117] - implode-string applied to a string results in segmentation fault
  • [STR-120] - Dynamic linking of liblib in StrategoXT creates dep on source tree
  • [STR-121] - liblib.rtree registration in XTC is part of the source tree
  • [STR-123] - mkdir should return name of directory (not error code)
  • [STR-125] - Stand-alone strc uses dynamisc linking of statego and stratego-lib, but doesn't include their path
  • [STR-133] - Dynamic linking of liblib causes bus error at Mac OS X
  • [STR-136] - Dynamic linking of xtc tool does not support DESTDIR
  • [STR-138] - sdf2table is a script, don't check for it with EXEEXT.
  • [STR-139] - iowrap usage mechanism is broken (io-wrap works)
  • [STR-141] - Mac OS X: identy io-wrap causes an EXC_BAD_ACCESS
  • [STR-142] - dr-fork-and-union does not take history into account

New Feature

  • [STR-40] - Generate a parenthesize tool from an SDF syntax definition
  • [STR-42] - pack-sdf: Support include of modules in definitions?
  • [STR-70] - Support for comments in parse-testsuites
  • [STR-79] - Add xml-front to StrategoXT
  • [STR-94] - Revive the global choice operator
  • [STR-122] - Separate compilation of XTC tools
  • [STR-124] - strategy to filter text files
  • [STR-126] - Propagate "kind of warning" option of stratego-warnings to strc.
  • [STR-128] - Add argument for default XTC repo location of the output program to stand-alone strc.
  • [STR-129] - Support separate compilation in stand-alone strc
  • [STR-132] - Makefile.xt: Support registration in build-time XTC repository


  • [STR-46] - Remove the --with-stratego-xt flag
  • [STR-62] - Include error-support in sdf2-bundle
  • [STR-63] - Include ASF library in sdf2-bundle
  • [STR-83] - Upgrade to PGEN 2.1
  • [STR-137] - FSF GCC requires -lgcc to define restFP and saveFP
  • [STR-143] - Refactor dynamic rules API to eliminate clones
  • [STR-144] - Refactor hashtable API


  • [STR-50] - Improve performance of is_string
  • [STR-51] - Improve match order in Var@Term
  • [STR-54] - Allow ) in / */ and vice-versa
  • [STR-64] - Use SDF, ATerm, and AsFix? syntax directly from the ASF Library
  • [STR-88] - Parsed pp-table is not removed from tmpdir.
  • [STR-92] - Use separate SDF packages in Nix expression for StrategoXT
  • [STR-98] - `new-name': generate new names based on user-defined templates.
  • [STR-100] - term-to-dot leaves nodes representing tuples blank
  • [STR-105] - libtoolize is glibtoolize at MacOS? X
  • [STR-116] - Use ATerm Sets for scope-label storing
  • [STR-134] - mkdtemp is not part of the POSIX standard: it does not exist at Cygwin

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