Call for Participation

                   FIFTH STRATEGO USER DAYS

             with a special session on CodeBoost

                     March 1 - 3, 2004
                    Utrecht University
                 Utrecht, The Netherlands



The Stratego User Days are a yearly meeting of Stratego/XT developers 
and users. Topics include

   * Ongoing developments and plans and requirements for the future
   * Development tools
      * Compilers, interpreters, documentation generation
      * Transformation components and their composition
      * Deployment issues
      * Benchmarking transformations and transformed programs 
   * Transformation techniques
      * Specification of (data-flow) optimizations in Stratego
      * Partial evaluation
   * Transformation systems for specific languages
      * C, C++, Java, XML, ...

The meeting has a workshop format with talks, but also plenty of time 
will be reserved for discussions, code inspections, demonstrations, 
and time to meet individually.

Since there are quite a few people with an interest in transformation 
of C and C++ a special session will be devoted to the design and 
implementation of transformation systems for these languages.

We invite everyone interested in program transformation and Stratego/XT
to attend the meeting and possibly to make a contribution to the meeting 
in the form of a talk or demonstration. Please send proposals for 
contributions to visser+sud04@cs.uu.nl before February 1, 2004. A list 
of already proposed contributions is available below.

Call for Participation

From Monday, March 1 to Wednesday, March 3, 2004 we meet at Utrecht 
University so that everyone interested in Stratego can get up to date 
with current developments, and get an overview of ongoing activities. 
This is a good opportunity for Master's students to see what is going 
on in the program transformation project.

Participation is free and includes lunch. Usually we go out for dinner 
at night, which is at your own expense. Please register as soon as 
possible so that we can make reservations for lunch and dinner by sending 
an email to visser+sud04@cs.uu.nl. If you are coming from outside and 
need accomodation, you can consult the list of recommended hotels of 
the department.

Important Dates

   * Proposals for contributions: February 1, 2004
   * Registration for attendance: February 15, 2004
   * Meeting: March 1 - 3, 2004


The meeting will be held at the Uithof campus of Utrecht University. 
Directions --> http://www.cs.uu.nl/docs/reach/

Proposed Contributions

Here is a list of proposed contributions, roughly divided 
into categories. A program will be announced later.


   * Eelco Visser
      * StrategoXT developments in 2003

Development Tools

   * Rob Vermaas
      * Extendible Documentation Generation

   * Martin Bravenboer
      * StrategoShell
      * StrategoRegular, XmlTools, ...

   * Eelco Visser
      * Stratego Compiler
         * Optimizing strategies in the Stratego optimizer
         * Separate compilation

Transformation Techniques

   * Jan Heering
      * Higher-order abstract syntax and higher-order 
        rewriting for program transformation

   * Arthur van Dam
      * Computing with dynamic rules

Transformation of Imperative Programs

   * Magne Haveraaen
      * Philosophy behind CodeBoost 

   * Sibylle Schupp
      * tba

   * Karl Trygve Kalleberg
      * Raising the abstractness level of our 
        transformations with CodeBoost
      * Extending CodeBoost to new languages (Java)

   * Otto Skrove Bagge
      * tba

   * Karina Olmos
      * Compilation of Octave programs

   * Eelco Visser / Rob Vermaas
      * Announcement: C transformation system

Transformation of Functional Programs

   * Eelco Visser
      * Partial evaluation

   * Dick Kieburtz
      * A theorem prover for Haskell

Components and Deployment

   * Merijn de Jonge
      * tba

   * Martin Bravenboer
      * XtcShell

   * Niels Janssen
      * Contracts in XTC
      * XWeb

   * Eelco Dolstra
      * The Nix buildfarm and automatic release management