Editor Plugins for Stratego

Spoofax Stratego Editor Plug-In for Eclipse

The Spoofax Stratego Editor plug-in provides syntax-highlighting and module outline for Stratego and SDF in Eclipse. It is easy install, since it is deployed as an ordinary Eclipse plug-in.

Spoofax is available from:

Stratego Emacs Mode

The Stratego Emacs Mode provides basic syntax-highlighting for Stratego in Emacs. For installation instructions, see Stratego Emacs Mode.

Available at:

Stratego for NEdit, Vim, Ultraedit

Available at:


Stratego/XT Utilities

A bundle of additional utils for Stratego/XT developers (currently, mostly Dot related)



XDoc is a documentation generator for Stratego.

Stratego Shell

The Stratego Shell implements a Stratego interpreter and an interactive shell for Stratego programming. The interpreter and shell are very useful for learning Stratego and for implementing small tests.


C and C++


The Transformers Project is developing a program transformation framework for C and C++, based on Stratego/XT. The latest release provides an ambiguous C and C++ syntax definition and separate disambiguation tools for C (complete) and C++ (partial).



Java-front adds support for Java program transformation to Stratego/XT. It provides a handcrafted SDF syntax definition and pretty-printer for Java (J2SE 5.0).



AspectJ-front defines the syntax of AspectJ by extending the Java syntax definition of Java-front.


Jimple-front defines the syntax of Jimple, the typed 3-address representation of Java bytecode of the Soot Java optimization framework. This representation is suitable for program optimization and analysis.


Dryad is a set tools for semantic analysis of Java. It also provides support for working with Java bytecode in Stratego.



PHP-front provides a syntax definition, parser, pretty-printer, reflection library, and common strategies for PHP.


SQL-front provides a syntax definition for SQL92.


Prolog-tools is a toolset for transforming Prolog programs.


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