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This page list people that are or have been active in the field of Generative Programming. For each person, a brief characterisation of his/her GP activities is given. Ordering is alphabetical on last name. Feel free to add more people.

  • IraBaxter is the Chief Technology Officer for SemanticDesigns, and the principal architect of the DMSSoftwareReengineeringToolkit. He has over 30 years of experience building systems software, with emphasis on code analysis and generation tools. He often gives tutorials on program transformation technology at conferences. Dr. Baxter is the co-Program chair for the 2002 International Conference on Software Maintenance.

  • JornBettin, the founder of SoftMetaWare, is a software consultant with a special interest in designing large-scale component systems and techniques to optimize the productivity of software development teams. Over the last seven years he has implemented automated, model-driven development in several software organizations, developing using model-driven generators and mentoring customers in the use of generative tools and techniques.

  • CraigCleaveland is an independent software consultant, instructor, and author of ProgramGeneratorsWithXMLAndJava. He specializes in domain engineering, internet applications using Java and XML, and software architectures. Previously, he worked at AT&T Bell Labs developing and promoting program generator technologies.

  • KrzysztofCzarnecki is a researcher and consultant with the Software Technology Lab at DaimlerChrysler? Research in Ulm, where he has been working on Generative Programming and its industrial application for over five years. Together with Ulrich Eisenecker and Manfred Broy (Technical University of Munich, Germany), he established the working group on "Generative and Component-Based Software Engineering" within the "Gesellschaft fuer Informatik" and co-chaired the First International Symposium on Generative and Component-Based Software Engineering (GCSE99). He co-organized a workshop on Generative Techniques at the First Software Product Lines Conference (SPLC1), at ECOOP2001, and at OOPSLA 2001. He is co-author of the book "Generative Programming: Methods, Tools, and Applications" (Addison-Wesley, 2000).

  • MerijnDeJonge s a researcher in the Interactive Software Development and Renovation group at CWI, The Netherlands. His research interests include configuration management, language-centered software development, and program transformation. He designed and implemented DSLs and generative tools for collaborative software development, automated source tree composition, and configuration management.

  • JeffGray is an Assistant Professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. His primary research interests are in model transformation, aspects for legacy languages, and tools to support DSL use. Publications on these topics are available here.

  • GordonNovak is a Professor at the University of Texas at Austin. He is the author of the GLISP language and several graphical programming tools based on specialization of generic algorithms through views. Live demos available on the web page.

  • ChrisRussell is the founder of the software development and consulting firm Encapsule Systems, Inc. and creator of the Hyperworx Platform - an open source platform designed to facilitate the development of Domain-Specific Visual Programming Languages and adaptive service architectures based on the core tenets of Generative Programming. Comments on this work from the members of this community are welcome and appreciated.

  • JoostVisser is a researcher in the Interactive Software Development and Renovation group at CWI, The Netherlands. His research interests include type-safe generic traversals, generation of transformation components and libraries, and their application to large-scale software analysis and transformation problems. He designed and implemented the visitor combinator library JJTraveler, and the parser and visitor generator JJForester.

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