Stratego Release 061

Stratego -- Strategies for Program Transformation
Stratego version 0.6.1 is available from
(with respect to release StrategoRelease06)

 * Added compile time option to generate code to trace strategies
   - --trace-all: trace all strategies
   - -t f: trace strategy f

 * Repair in implementation of dynamic rules; added rule stamp in order
 to record to which rule the information belongs.

 * Optimization is set to O2 by default (used to be O4). The higher
 optimization level (which comes down to inlining functions in addition
 to the O2 optimizations) seems to produce faulty code on some
 machine/compiler combinations. Optimization can be increased by
 passing the option -CI "O3" to SC. However, it seems appropriate to
 leave inlining decisions to SC.

 * Type annotations added to strategy operators with higher-order