Stratego Release 052

Stratego -- Strategies for Program Transformation
2001-04-13  Eelco Visser  <>

   * spec/slib/spec/ Simplified makefile for library

   * spec/slib/spec/share-test.r: Defined test

2001-04-12  Eelco Visser  <>

   * bootinstall

   * resolved inconsistencies in repository

   * spec/back/s2c.r: translation of strategies to (idiomatic) C

   * spec/c: C signature and utitlities

   * spec/sc/sc: removed, is generated from

   * spec/slib/spec/scoped-finite-map.r: commented debugging code

   * spec/slib/spec/io.r: new-file creates a new not existing file
   name of the form c_n.tmp with c a character and n a number.

   * /spec/si/si.r: Changed display- operations to table-

   * spec/sc/proto-sc.r: Built in support for translation to
   idiomatic C code using s2c, PP-C and C-Format.

   * spec/slib/spec/list-set.r: typo

2001-04-05  Eelco Visser  <>

   * spec/slib/spec/string.r: <copy-char>(n,c) creates a string
   consisting of n copies of character c, which should be represented
   by its ascii code.

2001-04-02  Hedzer Westra <>

   * new module: char.r for character strategies. includes

2001-04-02  Eelco Visser  <>

   * spec/slib/spec/tables.r, display.r: Reorganized and documented
   the tables modules. The strategies formerly in the display module
   are now defined as normal "table" operations in the table module.
   Names have been normalized. Many operators have become obsolete.
   * spec/slib/spec/term-zip.r: Generic definition of zipping
   two term structures; can be used to implement pattern matching
   for example. 

   * spec/slib/spec/scoped-finite-map.r: Keeping track of scopes of
   table entries. Removing entries from tables is done automatically
   when the scope is exited. This is a candidate for support at the
   language level.
2001-03-31  Eelco Visser  <>

   * spec/slib/spec/list-set.r: Repaired bug in nrofoccs (Arne de
   Bruijn). foldr-kids is obsolete, use crush.

   * spec/slib/spec/list-set-test.r: Added test for nrofoccs

2001-03-29  Hedzer Westra <>

        * extra library routines in options.r, list-basic.r and string.r
     (including tests)