Stratego Release 051

Stratego -- Strategies for Program Transformation
This is a developers release. See StrategoDownload to get it. The following changes were logged.

   * spec/ (SUBDIRS): Changed order of sub-directory
   to avoid recompilation of pack-stratego after installing slib

   * bootinstall
   * spec/*/*.c, *.h: Removed $Id annotations from .c and .h files to
   prevent from spurious commits in src/* after bootinstall

   * bootinstall

   * src/*/, spec/*/ Optimized object files
   where not used in libraries (rts and slib) by wrong use of
   automake variables. (Arne de Bruijn)

   * Renamed boot.log to bootlog to avoid removal
   by clean scripts.

   * spec/slib/spec/options.r: Repaired some typos and refactored
   several strategies

   * spec/slib/spec/options.r: New strategy iowrapO/3 is also
   parameterized with a strategy for printing usage
   information. Other variants are implemented in terms of this
   one. (Merijn de Jonge)

   * bench/fib/: Using fib to test --fusion option of sc

   * increased version number to 0.5.1