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Partial Evaluation and Semantics Based Program Manipulation (PEPM)

  • Deadline: May (varies)
  • Conference: August (varies)

From the call for papers:

The 2004 PEPM symposium will be based on a broad interpretation of semantics-based program manipulation. This includes not only traditional partial evaluation and specialization areas, but any research topic that fundamentally relies upon program manipulation driven by program meaning. Examples include security mechanisms based on systematic program transformation (e.g. introduction of stack-protection checks, execution monitoring, obfuscation), automatic differentiation methods and techniques for program generation.

Topics of interest for PEPM'04 include, but are not limited to:

  • Applications: domain-specific applications of program manipulation, systems programming, scientific computing, algorithmics, graphics, security checking, simulation, compiler generation, compiler optimization, decompilation, obfuscation, prototyping, profiling, debugging, and industrial applications.
  • Techniques: program generation and generative programming, specialization, normalization, reflection, run-time code generation, multi-level programming, meta-programming, program analysis and types.
  • Assessment: applicability of program manipulation techniques to particular architectures and language paradigms, scalability, benchmarking, portability.

We especially encourage papers that break new ground, including new techniques, new ways of thinking about established approaches, and new areas of application such as mobile code and security (e.g. intrusion prevention/detection, design and implementation of secure systems). In addition to regular papers, we encourage short tool papers. Proceedings will be published by ACM Press.