I'm not all that familiar with Delphi. Additional pointers welcome.

Decompiling Delphi

Decompiling Delphi at mentions a number of Delphi "decompilers": Dede, RevendPro, MRIP, DfmExplorer, Exe2Dpr. As far as I know none of these decomile to delphi source code; the best that they do is well commented assembler with strings (etc) displayed correctly. Their main aim is to recover resources such as forms, images, icons, etc.


MultiRipper is a Windows and Delphi/C++ Builder ripper by Baccan Matteo and Peruch Emiliano. A "ripper" program extracts files inside other files. MultiRipper extracts files from Windows and Delphi/C++ Builder applications. For windows applications it extracts windows resources and saves them onto disk, and for Delphi/C++ Builder applications it recovers the Delphi project and code. As of version 2.7 it has a Delphi decompiler. However in version 3.0, from Produced event procedures don't have a body (it is not a decompiler).

DE Decompiler

From the web page: "DE Decompilerô restores most parts of the compiled code and helps you to recover most parts of the lost sources. It contains a powerful disassembler which supports Pentium Pro instructions including MMX and SSE extensions. It also has a useful smart assembler code emulation engine. The built-in disassembler allows you to disassemble a lot of functions and represents them in semi-decompiled mode."

DE Decompiler 1.4 is proprietary software, although there is a free (as in beer) "Lite" version with lesser capabilities.


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