XT -- A Bundle of Program Transformation Tools
How to


  • XTPrinciples?: Principles of the distribution.
  • XTApplications?: Tools that have been built with XT.
  • XTRelated?: Links to related work.


  • ATermLibrary: Representation and exchange of data structures.
  • StrategoPackage?: Tooling for the StrategoLanguage?.
  • GPP: The generic pretty-printing package.
  • SGLR: A GeneralizedLR parser.
  • PGEN: A parser generator for Sdf.
  • GrammarBase?: A collection of grammars.
  • GrammarTools: A collection of tools for grammar engineering.
  • JJForester: A parser and visitor generator for Java which operates on Sdf grammars.

Languages and formats


  • AddingXTDocumentation?. Hints and templates.
  • XTWikiOrganization?. A discussion page.
  • ReleaseCheckList?. For developers.


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