XT: Transformation Tools

XT is a bundle of tools for building [[Transform.ProgramTransformation][program transformation]] systems. The tools include parser generation, pretty-printing, abstract syntax tree representation, tree transformation, and building and bundling of systems. XT is open source and available under the GNU General Public License. ----+++ Software XT consists of the following software: * [[Stratego.StrategoXT][StrategoXT]]: Stratego program transformation language and tools, such as [[GPP]], for developing program transformation systems. * [[Sdf.WebHome][SDF2]] syntax definition implementations: [[Sdf.SGLR][sglr]] and [[Sdf.PGEN][pgen]] * [[ATerm library]]: program representation in the [[ATerm format]] Other software available at this web: * [[Auto Bundle]]: tool packaging, and distribution * [[Auto Build]]: package building * [[Daily Build System]]: framework for daily builds * [[JJForester]]: parser generator, tree builder, and visitor generator for Java * [[JJTraveler]]: generic visitor combinator framework ----+++ News * [[Stratego.MailingList][Mailing lists]]: announcements, discussions, bugs, ... * [[Stratego.WebNews][Stratego]] and [[Sdf.WebNews][SDF News]]: papers, new releases, ... * WebChanges : changes on the Tools web of this site * WebNotify: subscribe to daily notification messages * [[http://www.program-transformation.org/twiki/bin/view/Tools/WebRss?skin=rss][RSS feed]] ----+++ Transformation Surveys The [[Transform.WebHome][Transform web]] of the program-transformation.org site is dedicated to surveying the field of [[Transform.ProgramTransformation][program transformation]]. Refer to that web for reviews of and links to other [[Transform.TransformationSystems][transformation systems]], a [[Transform.TransformationTaxonomy][transformation taxonomy]], and broader discussions of the field.