A picture of a Koala specification can be generated with the koala-dot tool. This tool reads a Koala composition, normalizes it and transforms a grapg in DOT format. For vizualization you need to heva ethe GraphViz package installed.

   koala-dot -I <directory with Koala components> \
              -i <top-level component> \
              -n \
              -o graph.dot

With the dot program that is part of GraphViz, you can turn this graph into different output formats. E.g.,

   dot -Tps graph.dot > graph.ps

The elements in the graphs (like the one on the right) have to following meaning:

module present module yellow box
  normal module green box
component   pink/orange box
  reachable component asterix (*) attached to name
interface provides interface blue triangle
    a connected provides interfaces has an asterix (*) attached to its name
  requires interface blue triangle
  private interface blue diamond
  optional interface Dashed triangle
switch   red box
    outgoing red arrows correspond to interface references from switch expression.
    The incomming edges correspond to the in cables, the outgoing edges correspond to out edges.
    The top label indicates the switch expression, the bottom labels correspond to switch conditions.
cable normal arrow
  transitive dashed arrow

Normalization steps can be turned on by omitting the '-n' switch (see below).

-- MerijnDeJonge - 22 Dec 2004

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