TWiki's PHP web /view/PHP The PHP web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2020 by contributing authors Eelco Visser [] Eelco Visser [] TWiki TWiki.PHP TWiki home.PHP /view/PHP /pub/TWiki/TWikiLogos/twikiRobot46x50.gif GenericDevelopmentInstructions /view/PHP/GenericDevelopmentInstructions?t=2009-11-14T18:38Z This page describes how you can set up your development environment for PHP-Sat/PHP-Front. Most of the information is located elsewhere, if a link is dead please let ... (last changed by EricBouwers) 2009-11-14T18:38Z EricBouwers 1.7 updated major /rdiff/PHP/GenericDevelopmentInstructions /rdiff/PHP/GenericDevelopmentInstructions PhpTools /view/PHP/PhpTools?t=2009-11-11T20:38Z TOC Introduction Within the documentation of PHP-front the TheExampleProject is used to explain how you can setup your own project. This documentation uses PHP-Tools ... (last changed by EricBouwers) 2009-11-11T20:38Z EricBouwers 1.8 updated major /rdiff/PHP/PhpTools /rdiff/PHP/PhpTools PhpFrontReleases /view/PHP/PhpFrontReleases?t=2009-11-11T20:37Z Stable Releases There is no stable release of PHP-Front (yet). Check the road map for the current status of the 0.1 release. Latest Developments Distributions of ... (last changed by EricBouwers) 2009-11-11T20:37Z EricBouwers 1.10 updated major /rdiff/PHP/PhpFrontReleases /rdiff/PHP/PhpFrontReleases PhpSatReleases /view/PHP/PhpSatReleases?t=2009-11-11T20:37Z There is no stable release of PHP-Sat (yet). Check the road map for the current status of the 0.1 release. You can always download, install and try the latest version ... (last changed by EricBouwers) 2009-11-11T20:37Z EricBouwers 1.11 updated major /rdiff/PHP/PhpSatReleases /rdiff/PHP/PhpSatReleases ContinuousBuilds /view/PHP/ContinuousBuilds?t=2009-03-22T11:36Z The Nix buildfarm continuously builds PHP-front and PHP-sat packages. Reports Reports and logs from the build tasks are available at: DIST Some more direct links: ... (last changed by EricBouwers) 2009-03-22T11:36Z EricBouwers 1.4 updated major /rdiff/PHP/ContinuousBuilds /rdiff/PHP/ContinuousBuilds PhpFrontDocumentation /view/PHP/PhpFrontDocumentation?t=2009-03-22T11:36Z Syntax definition The syntax definition can be browsed online: PHP4 syntax definition PHP5 syntax definition The syntax definition of the PHP versions identify which ... (last changed by EricBouwers) 2009-03-22T11:36Z EricBouwers 1.10 updated major /rdiff/PHP/PhpFrontDocumentation /rdiff/PHP/PhpFrontDocumentation PhpSatDocumentation /view/PHP/PhpSatDocumentation?t=2009-03-22T11:32Z TOC Installation The installation process is the same as for PHP-Front. Usage Getting started with PHP-Sat PHP-Sat configuration explained Development If you want ... (last changed by EricBouwers) 2009-03-22T11:32Z EricBouwers 1.8 updated major /rdiff/PHP/PhpSatDocumentation /rdiff/PHP/PhpSatDocumentation ConstPropStatus /view/PHP/ConstPropStatus?t=2007-11-11T14:46Z PHP-Sat offers the functionality to automatically analyze files which are included with the require / include functions of PHP. Many projects use some kind of include ... (last changed by EricBouwers) 2007-11-11T14:46Z EricBouwers 1.1 updated major /rdiff/PHP/ConstPropStatus /rdiff/PHP/ConstPropStatus McvStatus /view/PHP/McvStatus?t=2007-11-11T14:19Z The following programming constructs are currently supported by the MCV000-pattern: Operator Expressions Control-flow statements This means that the security check ... (last changed by EricBouwers) 2007-11-11T14:19Z EricBouwers 1.1 updated major /rdiff/PHP/McvStatus /rdiff/PHP/McvStatus PhpSatMCV000 /view/PHP/PhpSatMCV000?t=2007-11-11T14:18Z !! Under construction !! This page will hold the description of the security algorithm of PHP-Sat as flagged by pattern MCV000. The information is already available ... (last changed by EricBouwers) 2007-11-11T14:18Z EricBouwers 1.3 updated major /rdiff/PHP/PhpSatMCV000 /rdiff/PHP/PhpSatMCV000 PhpSat /view/PHP/PhpSat?t=2007-11-11T14:13Z TOC Features Some of the (unique) features of PHP-sat are: Documented bug-patterns Configurable security check (status) Option to preserve comments Pretty printer ... (last changed by EricBouwers) 2007-11-11T14:13Z EricBouwers 1.11 updated major /rdiff/PHP/PhpSat /rdiff/PHP/PhpSat PhpSatConfiguration /view/PHP/PhpSatConfiguration?t=2007-11-11T14:12Z TOC Why configuration? The configuration file is used to configure the security-analysis within php-sat. It contains information about three things: Which variables ... (last changed by EricBouwers) 2007-11-11T14:12Z EricBouwers 1.2 updated major /rdiff/PHP/PhpSatConfiguration /rdiff/PHP/PhpSatConfiguration PhpSatGettingStarted /view/PHP/PhpSatGettingStarted?t=2007-11-11T14:11Z TOC Analyzing a file After you have installed php-sat you can run it by typing: php-sat h If this command does not produce a list of all the options that are available ... (last changed by EricBouwers) 2007-11-11T14:11Z EricBouwers 1.3 updated major /rdiff/PHP/PhpSatGettingStarted /rdiff/PHP/PhpSatGettingStarted PhpSatBugPatterns /view/PHP/PhpSatBugPatterns?t=2007-11-11T14:08Z TOC What is a bug-pattern? Let us start with a definition: A bug-pattern describes a common mistake at the application level. So each bug-pattern describes a pattern ... (last changed by EricBouwers) 2007-11-11T14:08Z EricBouwers 1.5 updated major /rdiff/PHP/PhpSatBugPatterns /rdiff/PHP/PhpSatBugPatterns PhpSatQuality /view/PHP/PhpSatQuality?t=2007-11-11T14:02Z Bugpatterns Each bugpattern category within PHP-Sat has his own testsuite. Each bugpattern has is own section within the testsuite to test different properties of ... (last changed by EricBouwers) 2007-11-11T14:02Z EricBouwers 1.4 updated major /rdiff/PHP/PhpSatQuality /rdiff/PHP/PhpSatQuality PhpSatName /view/PHP/PhpSatName?t=2007-11-11T14:02Z PHP-Sat was originally called PSAT. This stands for PHP Static Analysis Tool. This name should not come as a surprise. When the time came to publish the project on ... (last changed by EricBouwers) 2007-11-11T14:02Z EricBouwers 1.3 updated major /rdiff/PHP/PhpSatName /rdiff/PHP/PhpSatName

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