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Octave Compiler en-us Copyright 2020, Contributing authors of Program-Transformation.Org. Program-Transformation.Org Program-Transformation.Org TWiki WebStatistics Statistics for TWiki.Octave Web Month: Topic views: Topic saves: File uploads: Most popular topic views: Top contributors for topic save and uploads: Oct 2016 1279 ... 2016-10-18T17:12Z guest 1.410 updated major /rdiff/Octave/WebStatistics /rdiff/Octave/WebStatistics WebContents Home About News Documentation Bugs Download 2005-06-05T11:34Z EelcoVisser 1.1 updated major /rdiff/Octave/WebContents /rdiff/Octave/WebContents WebRss Octave Compiler INCLUDE{"Main.RssBase"} 2005-05-09T14:21Z MartinBravenboer 1.2 updated major /rdiff/Octave/WebRss /rdiff/Octave/WebRss WhatsGoingOn 2005 January 14th Refactored function specialization, so it can be reused is both the type inferencer and the Octave partial evaluator. In fact, it is already used ... 2005-01-14T11:37Z RobVermaas 1.7 updated major /rdiff/Octave/WhatsGoingOn /rdiff/Octave/WhatsGoingOn Pack-octave Main.JayaSurian 12 Jan 2005 2005-01-12T13:55Z JayaSurian 1.1 updated major /rdiff/Octave/Pack-octave /rdiff/Octave/Pack-octave Octave-frontend Main.JayaSurian 12 Jan 2005 2005-01-12T13:17Z JayaSurian 1.1 updated major /rdiff/Octave/Octave-frontend /rdiff/Octave/Octave-frontend OctaveCompilerDocumentation Packages Octave Frontend Octave Optimizer Octave Typechecker Octave to C++ Backend Developers Daily generated documentation (by xDoc) Roadmap going on Other useful ... 2004-12-17T08:48Z RobVermaas 1.9 updated major /rdiff/Octave/OctaveCompilerDocumentation /rdiff/Octave/OctaveCompilerDocumentation OctaveCompilerDownload Prerequisites The following software is needed to compile the Octave Compiler Octave (version 2.1.61) Latest unstable StrategoXT Download The latest unstable release ... 2004-12-07T17:48Z RobVermaas 1.5 updated major /rdiff/Octave/OctaveCompilerDownload /rdiff/Octave/OctaveCompilerDownload WebChanges SEARCH{". " regex "on" nosearch "on" nototal "on" order "modified" reverse "on" limit "50" nosummary "on" format " $topic(30,...) $date $wikiusername "} 2004-12-04T19:16Z MartinBravenboer 1.3 updated major /rdiff/Octave/WebChanges /rdiff/Octave/WebChanges OctaveOptimizer Contents The Optimizer implements several optimization on Octave code. The optimizations are implemented as source-to-source transformation, similar to the optimization ... 2004-12-02T08:03Z RobVermaas 1.5 updated major /rdiff/Octave/OctaveOptimizer /rdiff/Octave/OctaveOptimizer WebLeftBar Home About News Documentation Bugs Download 2004-12-01T12:45Z RobVermaas 1.5 updated major /rdiff/Octave/WebLeftBar /rdiff/Octave/WebLeftBar OctaveTypeInferencer The Type Inferencer is a typechecker for the Octave language. Although the implementation has changed significantly, currently the ideas are only expressed in the ... 2004-11-23T11:58Z RobVermaas 1.6 updated major /rdiff/Octave/OctaveTypeInferencer /rdiff/Octave/OctaveTypeInferencer TypeBasedOptimization Typed based optimizations are optimizations that can be performed based on information from the type inferencer, e.g. Function call evaluation using type information ... 2004-11-22T11:00Z RobVermaas 1.2 updated major /rdiff/Octave/TypeBasedOptimization /rdiff/Octave/TypeBasedOptimization FunctionTypeSpecification To help the Typechecker we have a language for specifying type of builtin variables and functions. This is needed because we cannot derive types for these variables ... 2004-11-22T08:57Z RobVermaas 1.2 updated major /rdiff/Octave/FunctionTypeSpecification /rdiff/Octave/FunctionTypeSpecification OctaveToC The Octave to C++ Backend is a C++ code generator. It performs the following translations, to .oct (linked function to C++ (standalone) The latest sources of the Octave ... 2004-11-19T15:21Z RobVermaas 1.3 updated major /rdiff/Octave/OctaveToC /rdiff/Octave/OctaveToC OctaveFrontend Octave Front is a front-end for the OCTAVELINK language. Contents Octave Front consists of the following end-user tools: pack-octave pp-octave Besides these tools ... 2004-11-19T08:46Z RobVermaas 1.4 updated major /rdiff/Octave/OctaveFrontend /rdiff/Octave/OctaveFrontend

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