Generative Programming and Component Engineering

Generative Programming and Component Engineering
The following papers have been accepted for presentation at the conference:

  • On the design of a domain-specific language for OS process-scheduling extensions
    Julia Lawall, Gilles Muller, Anne-Francoise Le Meur

  • Model-driven program transformation of a large avionics framework
    Jeff Gray, Jing Zhang, Yuehua Lin, Suman Roychoudhury, Hui Wu, Rajesh Sudarsan, Aniruddha Gokhale, Sandeep Neema, Feng Shi, and Ted Bapty

  • Automatic remodularization and optimized synthesis of product-families
    Jia Liu and Don Batory

  • A unification of inheritance and automatic program specialization
    Ulrik P. Schultz

  • Towards a general template introspection library
    Istvan Zolyomi and Zoltan Porkolab

  • VS-Gen: A case study of a product line for versioning systems
    Jernej Kovsel and Christian Gebauer

  • A crosscut language for control-flow
    Remi Douence and Luc Teboul

  • A fresh calculus for name management
    D. Ancona and Eugenio Moggi

  • Generating AspectJ programs with Meta-AspectJ
    David Zook, Shan Shan Huang, and Yannis Smaragdakis

  • Compiling process graphs into executable code
    Rainer Hauser and Jana Koehler

  • A generative approach to aspect-oriented programming
    Douglas R. Smith

  • Optimising embedded DSLs using Template Haskell
    Sean Seefried, Manuel Chakravarty, and Gabriele Keller

  • Metaphor: A multi-staged, object-oriented programming language
    Gregory Neverov and Paul Roe

  • Declaring and enforcing dependencies between .NET custom attributes
    Vasian Cepa and Mira Mezini

  • Generic Advice: On the combination of AOP with generative programming in AspectC++
    Daniel Lohmann, Georg Blaschke, and Olaf Spinczyk

  • Supporting flexible object database evolution with aspects
    Awais Rashid and Nicholas Leidenfrost

  • Source-level cross-language aspect-oriented programming
    Andrew Jackson and Siobhan Clarke

  • A model-driven approach for smart card configuration
    Stéphane Bonnet and Olivier Potonniée

  • Taming macros
    Ryan Culpepper and Mattias Felleisen

  • Model-driven configuration and deployment of component middleware publisher/subscriber services
    George Edwards, Gan Deng, Douglas Schmidt, Aniruddha Gokhale, and Bala Natarajan

  • A generative approach to the implementation of language bindings for the Document Object Model
    Luca Padovani, Claudio Sacerdoti Coen, and Stefano Zacchiroli

  • Splice: Aspects that analyze programs
    Sean McDirmid and Wilson C. Hsieh

  • Towards generation of high-performance transformations
    Attila Vizhanyo, Aditya Agrawal, and Feng Shi

  • Meta-programming with typed object-language representations
    Emir Pasalic

  • A generative framework for managed services
    Liam Peyton and Arif Rajwani