Todo List

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Things todo for the Tansform wiki! (feel free to do them)

(When discussing one of the todo items, please TurnIssuesIntoTopics)

Wiki Content Issues

  • PromotingParticipation.
  • Evaluate and review the taxonomy
    • Extend the categories.
    • Evaluate the underlying category structure
  • Use the wiki contents as input for collaborative (survey) papers.
  • Clean up based on WebIndex

Wiki Technical Issues

  • Convert each all uppercase name to a proper WikiWord. (Use ... to force links)
  • Consider more automated indexing of categories. Ideas not yet clear -- use %SEARCH for that!
  • Search box at the bottom of the page does not include the topic names themselves.
  • Search for back links from the topic title should be restricted to the current web.
    • Better: search engine should be clever enough to leave out webs without search results (or give a more concise representation for them).
  • LoginShouldBeSimple
  • The never ending story of the PageLayout.
  • Decrease the lock time during editing from 60 minutes back to 15 minutes.
  • TWiki:TWikiPerformance


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