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Software Design And Management AG.

Consulting firm which also does ReEngineering projects using its own hypertext repository called SHORE.

SHORE (Sd&m Hypertext Object REpository) is a hypertext repository that provides a consistent view of content from a diverse set of tools, like other repositories, text documents, program source code etc. Documents (or the content of repositories) are converted to XHTML and enhanced with specific markup, which denotes the relationship between objects defined by the various documents. This XML content is loaded into SHORE and can then be accessed in a variety of ways: by direct browsing with a HTML browser, using queries on the content of SHORE's object structure, by creating report documents from SHORE, by dumping the content into textfiles for further processing.

It can be used to create a consistent view over several project phases, successfully linking the initial requirements to design models, implementation and even test cases or error reports (or to the artifacts of any project phase in between). The documents, objects, and relationships are specified using SHORE's ownsimple metamodel specification language.

Some examples of questions SHORE can answer are:Where is the design for a specific method of a class? Which methods are called (directly or indirectly) by a specific method? Which requirements have been derived from a specific use case? Which test cases check a specific requirement? Which use cases and requirements would be affected if a specific class was changed?

Currently, SHORE is only available as part of a customization package, or when sd&m AG, a major German IT consulting firm, participates in the project using it.

SHORE is mentioned in the requirements engineering tool list at

At WCRE 2001, Peter Broessler presented an overview of the ReverseEngineering activities of SDandM -- see the slides attached at Broessler_WCRE2001.pdf?.

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