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Semantics, Applications and Implementation of Program Generation

  • Deadline: March
  • Conference: September (with PLI)

Description (from call for papers 2001)

Program generation has the prospect of being an integral part of a wide range of software development processes. Many recent studies investigate different aspects of program generation systems, including their semantics, their applications, and their implementation. Existing theories and systems address both high-level (source) language and low-level (machine) language generation. A number of programming languages now supports program generation and manipulation, with different goals, implementation techniques, and targeted at different applications. The goal of this workshop is to provide a meeting place for researchers and practitioners interested in this research area, and in program generation in general.

Scope: The workshop solicits submissions related to theoretical and practical models and tools for building program generators systems, Examples include:

  • Semantics, type systems, and implementations for multi-stage languages.
  • Run-time specialization systems: e.g. compilers, operating systems.
  • High-level program generation (applications, foundations, environments).
  • Program synthesis from high-level specifications.
  • Symbolic computation, linking and explicit substitution, in-lining and macros.

Reports on applications of these techniques to real-world problems are especially encouraged, as are submissions that relate ideas and concepts from several of these topics, or bridge the gap between theory and practice. The program committee is happy to advise on the appropriateness of a particular subject.