Machine Code Decompilers

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Decompilation of machine code programs usually requires a general approach. This approach analyses the semantics of the executable, and from this derives an equivalent source file, without making use of knowledge about which compiler was used to generate the executable. The generated source code might not resemble the original at all. The advantage is, that the method works for any compiler that might have been used.

  • The dcc Decompiler

  • The Sourceforge ExeToC decompiler (not to be confused with the 1990s exec2c below).

  • A commercial Japanese decompiler Bilyzkid Co: AGNSS & DCC

  • Qantel: There was another commercial decompiler in the mid-1980's written exclusively to decompile Qantel mini-computer machine code into Qantel's proprietary QicBasic. It enjoyed a modest success until the early 1990's.

  • LSW Binary-Lab is a tool for exploring binary programs. It is written by the same people who wrote the LSW DotNet-Reflection-Browser. It can produce a C-like view of a binary program, which could be hand edited to be compilable. PE-Format and i386 only at this stage. Not yet released as of April 2005.

See also DisAssembly


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