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Workshop on Language Descriptions, Tools and Applications


The aim of this one day workshop is to bring together researchers from academia and industry interested in the field of formal language definitions. Benefits of such active research field are, among others :

  • Standardization of syntax and semantics,
  • Formal analysis of language properties,
  • Automatic generation of language processing tools.

Although these benefits are well-known, they are in current practices hardly exploited. For example, language definitions can be augmented in a manner that not only compilers/interpreters can be automatically generated but also other tools such as syntax-directed editors, debuggers, partial evaluators, tests generators, documentation generators, etc.

The absence of a standard formal method for language descriptions creates opportunities to study the benefits, drawbacks, enhancements and relationship between various formal language definitions such as attribute grammars, algebraic-based formalisms, action semantics, abstract state machines, operational semantics, denotational semantics and other styles of formal language definitions. The obtained results are of interest for this workshop.

The workshop welcomes contributions on all aspects of formal language definitions, with special emphasis on applications and tools developed for or with these language definitions.


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