Bdasm Disassembler

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BDASM by Manuel Jiménez. This is a relatively new disassembler (as of 2003). At present it supports Intel and Power Pc cpu's (but can read ELF, XBox , ucLinux, raw binary files as well as Windows executables). This disassembler appears to have taken the extraordinary move of attempting to improve on IDA Pro. Indeed, for Intel executables, it may have done that. It has support for Windows resources, which as far as I know IDA Pro does not. I have not yet had a chance to download the demo and try it out. At 55 Euros, it is cheaper than IDA Pro. The author is expanding it to other processors and file formats (and ARM plug-in is on progress). It could be well worth a try.

The download links don't seem to work (2005 July 1). google can find copies but their legitimacy is unknown.