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Acacia, the C++ Information Abstraction System, is a collection of analysis and ReverseEngineering tools for CPP developed by AT&T.
  • CCia creates a program database from C++ source files to store information about C++ program entities (functions, variables, types, macros and files) and their relationships.

  • The database can be queried and navigated graphically using CIAO which is included as part of the distribution.

  • For more traditional database queries and primitive access to the database information, Acacia contains a set of query tools built on top of cql.


Acacia is a collection of analysis and reverse engineering tools for C++. It is developed by AT&T Labs.

Acacia is no longer actively developed.

The extractor uses a (now outdated) EDG C++ front-end, but the extractor is still useful.

-- HolgerKienle