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The DeCompilation Wiki pages are a part of the program transformation Wiki. They are based on Cristina Cifuentes' decompilation pages (1998 - 2001), which were based on pages developed and maintained by Frans Faase, 1996-1998.

For a long time, any one at all could have changed the pages, merely by selecting the Edit option from the Topic menu at the top of every page. Registration is free, quick, and painless. Because of an unfortunate incident in early 2006, you now also need to be a member of the Transform Group. The reason for putting pages like this in Wiki format is that while it is impractical for one person to track all the changes to all the products mentioned on these pages, the community as a whole should be able to do a better job. The pages are edited in a sort of "simplified HTML", which most users can learn in a couple of minutes. See TWiki.Text Formatting Rules, also available under the Text Formatting item of the Wiki menu at the top of every page.

Note that registration is not required for reading any of the pages. If you get the registration page when you don't expect it, it's most likely because of an invalid address (possibly a bad link).

Despite the ability for anyone to edit the pages, 99% of the work on the DeCompilation pages is done by me, Mike Van Emmerik. I don't mind this job, and enjoy keeping the pages up to date as far as time permits. Also, having one main author makes it more practical to make major changes to a site. For example, I've started converting some pages to a style more in keeping with the original Wiki concept of many small pages, instead of a few really long ones.

So if you see information on a DeCompilation page that is out of date, notice a dead link, or feel that the entry is inadequate in some way, you have a few choices:

  • Email me with a rough draft of the text. My address is emmerik at gmail dot com. You will need to perform the obvious despamming on that address.
  • Email me with just a terse comment. If I have the time, I can chase up the details. Often, I just don't realise that some information is in need of updating; just the fact that the need is there is valuable to me. If I don't have the time, and later on you do, you can use one of the above options.
  • Ask someone in the Transform Group to make you a member of the group, then edit the page yourself. I get a notification of every change, so if I see that your changes are in some way incomplete, or I feel that they are not in the right style or something, I can change it soon enough. So your edits don't have to be perfect, just get the main ideas and links in there.

The following people contributed to the pre-1998 pages:
Bill Caudle
Frans Faase
Clive Turvey
Razvan Anghel
Tarkan Yetiser
Tom Lake
Tilo Elstner
Foxy John