Xml Concrete Syntax In Stratego

Stratego -- Strategies for Program Transformation
With the Stratego-xml syntax defintion you can use the ConcreteSyntax of XML syntax in the Stratego.

The stratego-net samples package contains some examples of the generation of XHTML pages in Stratego with concrete syntaxfor XHTML.

-- MartinBravenboer - 12 Jul 2003

The best documentation available for this is part of my master thesis (Chapter 7, Section 7.4 and Section 7.5) Connecting XML Processing and Term Rewriting with Tree Grammars

XML embedding is also extensively used by xDoc (written by Rob Vermaas). In his master thesis he has a small chapter about how this works (xml-tools is no longer needed: XML support is now available in Stratego/XT itself): XDoc an Extensible Documentation Generator.

-- MartinBravenboer - 09 Feb 2005