Stratego/XT Packages

Stratego -- Strategies for Program Transformation
The Stratego/XT distribution consists of the following packages:


Core Stratego packages

  • stratego-front -- Stratego syntax and support for concrete object syntax
  • srts -- Stratego run-time system
  • strc -- Stratego compiler
  • stratego-lib -- Stratego Standard Library

Tools for languages

  • GPP -- Pretty-printing tools based on the BoxLanguage
  • aterm-tools -- Generic term operations
  • asfix-tools -- Operations on concrete syntax trees
  • c-tools -- Support for the generation of C code
  • xml-front -- Support for the generation and transformation of XML
  • sdf-front -- SDF syntax definition, pretty printing, abstract syntax and (de)sugaring.
  • sdf-tools -- Transformations on syntax definitions

Composition and package tools

  • autoxt -- autoconf/make support for packages using XT
  • xtc -- Transformation tool composition (component model)

Stratego/XT Utils

  • graph-tools
  • dot-tools? -- Support for processing DotLanguage graph representations
  • stratego-tools -- Generation of Stratego code
  • boxenv -- LaTeX? run-time system for Box
  • stratego-util? -- utilities for a Stratego development environment.

Stratego/XT Extensions

See Extensions

See also

  • Stratego Applications for applications of Stratego (as opposed to packages that support the development of applications).