Solaris Ultra Sparc Support

Stratego -- Strategies for Program Transformation
The UltraSparc? platform is the 64 bit version of the Sparc platform. It (and the Solaris operating system) can handle both 32 bit and 64 bit executables. The default compile target for compilers available on Solaris on UltraSparc? is to compile 32 bit binaries. To compile 64 bit binaries you need to specify special flags for the compiler. Compiling and using Stratego in 32 bit mode is no problem. For 64 bit support there still are a few problems:

The ATerm library doesn't yet compile cleanly in 64 bit mode:

  • some of the tests fail, this is most likely a forgotten #ifdef in one of the tests
  • there is rudimentary support for 64 bit compiles in the autoconf/automake rules, but cleanups are needed (options for 64 bit are not propagated to debug and profiling variants)
  • different compilers (Sun workshop, gcc) need to be tested and supported (which is not trivial to get right, because they all of different flags for 64 bit compiles)

After that all the other tools need to be checked for 64 bit safeness.

Please note, gcc 2.95.* cannot generate good 64 bit code for UltraSparc?!!! (For more information about this, the mailinglists for Linux on UltraSparc? is probably your best bet.) Use a recent gcc 3.x instead.

-- ArmijnHemel - 12 Jan 2004