Solaris Intel Support

Stratego -- Strategies for Program Transformation
Solaris/x86 support is scheduled for StrategoXT 0.9.4. Work has begun on pinpointing what is different from already working systems.

The following packages are needed:

  • GNU m4
  • GNU autoconf
  • GNU automake
  • GCC
  • GNU make
  • teTeX

Advisable packages to install:

  • libiconv
  • GNU grep

You can get pre-compiled versions of these packages at

-- ArmijnHemel - 25 Jun 2003

StrategoXT 0.9.2 compiles on Solaris 8/x86. Still one problem with boxenv/latex. Boxenv assumes latex binary is in ${LATEX}/bin/ , but the latex binary is not always located there.

-- RobVermaas - 25 Jun 2003

The latex binary is now located by the configure script. Not yet tested on Solaris however.

-- MartinBravenboer - 09 Dec 2003