PLogic Prover

Stratego -- Strategies for Program Transformation

I thought I'd give you an brief update on my attempt to build a verification tool for P-logic, the logic for Haskell98 that we have developed in the Programatica project. I'm satisfied with the progress made, though of course it is far from finished -- a theorem-prover is never finished as the task itself is incomplete.

I haven't used the parsing capabilities that have been integrated with Stratego as we have our own, very capable front-end tool built by Thomas Hallgren) for Haskell, which does parsing, slicing and type checking for Haskell with embedded logical assertions. So it's a pure Stratego exercise. There is is set of slides describing the current capabilities of the theorem prover, under the title, "Strategies for Verification" under the Presentations tab on the Programatica web page,

The cool thing about this verifier -- and the sole motivation for building it -- is that it verifies properties directly expressed of Haskell programs, rather than verifying properties of some model of Haskell programs as translated into a generic functional language that lacks the expressiveness of Haskell.

The existing theorem provers with which I'm familiar don't make much use of programmed strategies; many are based upon conditional rewriting to control the application of rules. Some which attempt full automation (like ACL2) use programmed heuristics to control things like the selection of induction variables, a problem I have not yet confronted. A big issue in a successful verifier is its ability to interact with decision procedures for theories such as boolean algebra, linear arithmetic, or lists. In principle, decision procedures can be integrated in a Nelson-Oppen framework, but it isn't entirely clear how to do this with "black-box" decision-procedure components. So far, I have integrated only a congruence-closure decision procedure for equalities, which I programmed in Stratego. This was pretty straightforward and achieved a big improvement over programming equality axioms as rewrite strategies.

So far, my experience confirms that Stratego is a great language for programming a theorem prover. Although types could definitely be helpful.

-- Richard Kieburtz - 18 Jul 2003